- Mar 19, 2024

Alpha HPA poised to revolutionise lithium-ion battery safety with breakthrough fire-reduction technology

Alpha HPA, a leading Australian innovator in high-purity aluminium production, is on the brink of helping to transform lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery safety through the development of breakthrough fire-reduction technology.

Li-ion batteries have revolutionised the electric vehicle (EV) industry offering the highest electrical energy per unit weight. However, until now, the risk of thermal runaway leading to battery fires has remained a significant concern.

Managing Director of Alpha HPA, Rimas Kairaitis said the company was at the forefront of a pivotal moment in battery safety technology by providing a solution to Li-ion battery fires.

“At its core, the Li-ion battery operates on controlled oxidation reactions. However, under certain conditions such as trauma or using lower quality materials, these reactions can become rapid and uncontrolled, leading to thermal runaway, otherwise known as battery fires,” Mr Kairaitis said.

Alpha’s solution builds upon a process developed by world leading battery anode manufacturer BTR New Materials in the 2010s, utilising high-purity aluminium nitrate to coat the battery anode with a fine layer of aluminium oxide. The process has demonstrated a remarkable 100% reduction in thermal runaway events, ensuring the safety of Li-ion batteries.

“Until now, commercialisation of this technology has been hindered by the lack of high-purity aluminium nitrate,’’ Mr Kairaitis said.

“Using Alpha’s proven Smart SX technology we have overcome this barrier, enabling the production of the world’s purest aluminium nitrate at commercial volumes and competitive industrial pricing”.

Alpha has the flexibility to either provide the aluminium nitrate directly to customers, or apply the coating directly.

In collaboration with industry leaders, Alpha HPA has now undertaken extensive testing and engagement with the Li-ion battery manufacturing sector. The company is currently in active discussions with 13 anode manufacturers and developers, with the aim of commercialising the technology and ushering in a new era of safer batteries.

Alpha’s penetration into the battery sector has been greatly assisted with the recent appointment of Annie Liu as a company director. Annie Liu was previously an Executive Director at Ford, and formerly managed Tesla’s multi-billion-dollar battery supply chain.

Alpha HPA offers comprehensive safety solutions including coating services for battery anodes or the supply of pre-curser aluminium nitrate for in-house coating.

“With a commitment to innovation and safety, Alpha is poised to assist progress the adoption of Li-ion battery technology and help pave the way for a sustainable and secure energy future,’’ Mr Kairaitis said.



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