- Oct 27, 2023

Alpha HPA commends Australia’s $2 billion critical boost

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Alpha HPA, a leading Queensland-based provider of low carbon ultra-high purity aluminium materials, commends the Australian Government’s recent announcement of a $2 billion expansion in critical minerals financing.  

Alpha HPA’s Managing Director Rimas Kairaitis, currently in Washington for the Australian Critical Minerals Delegation Meeting with US Department of Commerce (DoC), said he supports the commitment made by the Australian Government which reaffirms Australia’s role as a world leader in critical minerals production and marks a crucial step towards achieving net-zero emissions, strengthening the economy, and creating new employment opportunities for Australians. 

“Critical minerals, like the ultra-high purity alumina Alpha HPA produces in Gladstone, Queensland, are the foundation of a sustainable clean energy future and are essential to the global energy transition,” Mr Kairaitis said. 

“This financial commitment is set to fortify the critical minerals sector in Australia, facilitating the rapid development of advanced technologies, fostering the growth of essential skills, and generating new job opportunities, all while delivering significant economic benefits to the Australian populace.”

Prime Minister Albanese and Resources Minister Madeleine King jointly unveiled the $2 billion expansion in the presence of Australian and US industry leaders, following the inaugural meeting of the Australia-United States Taskforce on Critical Minerals. This taskforce plays a pivotal role in strengthening the alliance between the two nations and fulfills commitments made by President Biden and Prime Minister Albanese earlier this year.  

The expanded Critical Minerals Facility closely aligns with the Australian Government’s Critical Minerals Strategy 2023-2030, reinforcing the commitment to securing the future of critical minerals in the country. 

The announcement follows a Gladstone Industry Roundtable led by Climate Change and Energy of Australia Minister Chris Bowen where Alpha HPA’s Executive Director and Chief Operations Officer Rob Williamson proudly spoke more on the local energy transition and how Gladstone is leading the way as we transform to a net zero economy. 

Gladstone Regional Council’s Mayor Matt Burnett said he supports the commitment made by the Australian Government which is an important step to help fast track the development of companies like Alpha HPA and in turn propel the Gladstone region into the forefront of the global critical minerals industry.  

“Alpha HPA’s dedication to the production of low-carbon ultra-high purity aluminium materials aligns with our vision for a sustainable, clean energy future for the region, and this additional financing by the Australian Government is an acknowledgment of the vital role Gladstone will play in this journey.” Cr Burnett said. 

“Australia is uniquely positioned to provide responsibly sourced and processed critical minerals to meet the growing demand,” Mr Kairaitis said. 

“We look forward to actively contributing to a sustainable, low-carbon future and leveraging our proprietary technology to further advance the critical minerals sector.”


MEDIA CONTACT: Ellie Blumel – +61 (0) 448 122 948 or eblumel@alpha.dev.lancemontana.com.au 

INVESTOR CONTACT: Rob Lord – +61 (0) 400 008 553 or rlord@alpha.dev.lancemontana.com.au 


Alpha HPA is at the forefront of producing ultra-high purity aluminium materials using low-carbon, proprietary solvent extraction and HPA refining technology. The innovative process allows for the extraction and purification of aluminium from industrial feedstock, producing materials of exceptional purity for high-technology applications, including the semiconductor, lithium-ion battery, and LED lighting sectors.  

Alpha HPA is currently in production at its Stage 1, Precursor Production Facility, with plans to expand to the full range of high-purity aluminium materials with the support of a $15.5 million grant from the Australian Government. The company is in the final stages of market outreach and project financing for its full-scale Stage 2 HPA First Project. 

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