- Mar 23, 2023

Agreements to enter sapphire glass production with Ebner Group

Alpha HPA is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Ebner-Fametec in the sapphire growth market. With their proprietary crystal growth technology and established industry relationships, they are the ideal partner for us to expand our exposure to the sapphire industry supply chain.

The first phase of this collaboration is our investment in the purchase, installation and commissioning of an initial 2 x growth units. Delivery of the unit is expected in January 2024, with sapphire qualification anticipated by July 2024. Ebner-Fametec will provide technical oversight during the installation, commissioning and qualification phase.

Our entry into the downstream market segment is highly complementary to our existing operations, and we are committed to deploying new technology to realise higher quality materials in a more sustainable way.

This collaboration further endorses the quality of our HPA material and our capacity to construct and operate a high technology facility. We are grateful for the additional capacity delivered through the Australian Government CMDP grant.

Together, we are dedicated to establishing ourselves as a premium supplier of HPA and sapphire boule to the LED and optics markets.

Visit the Alpha Sapphire website to learn more.

Media contact: Ellie Blumel – eblumel@alpha.dev.lancemontana.com.au or +61 (0) 448 122 948

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